How To Cut The Dog's Hair

- Feb 07, 2020-

Haircuts can make dogs feel cool, but they should not be shaved completely, which will make dogs feel uncomfortable and often scratch, causing various skin diseases. And many dogs are shaved, will be depressed, embarrassed to go out.

1. back. Use a comb to straighten the coat on the back of the dog. Trim along the parallel direction of the back ridge. The coat on the back is about 2cm on average.

2. Abdomen and both sides. Dog's skin is different from people's. when people are hot, they sweat from sweat glands all over the body to help cool down, while dog's sweat glands are on four claw pads and nose, in addition, they can also cool down by spitting out tongue to evaporate saliva on the tongue. There are no sweat glands on the body, so you can't sweat. So as long as the body's coat is properly short, there are 2-3cm left.

3. hips. The hip trim is similar to both sides of the body, focusing on the poop area. Turn up the dog's tail and trim the coat around the anus as clean as possible.