How To Use A Dog's Hair Clipper

- Feb 29, 2020-

Before trimming: comb the hair at the part to be trimmed first. If the whole body is trimmed or the part to be trimmed is dirty, it is recommended to wash and blow dry before trimming.

In the process: You should praise and caress, show rewards, in order to avoid the nervousness of the dog, talk to it while trimming, and give it encouragement, and it will definitely fall in love with this "creation activity" that you have done together.

Correct trimming sequence: first the soles of the feet and then the torso, then the hair on the head and face is trimmed, and let it adjust slowly. If you need to retain a certain length of hair, you can use a hair splitting comb to comb on the head of the clipper.

Selection of cutter head: Different cutter heads should be selected for different parts. Fine teeth are suitable for local trimming of the head, lower abdomen, sole of the foot, and the periphery of the anus. .

Electric clipper maintenance: After use, please remove the cutter head and clean it with a brush, then inject a little professional lubricant between the blades for simple maintenance.