How To Use Baby Hair Clipper

- Feb 11, 2020-

How to use baby hair clipper

When a woman becomes a mother, she is omnipotent. Many mothers are "barbers" who can gently cut out beautiful hairstyles for babies. Many babies are afraid of giving birth and do not want strangers to approach themselves, let alone cut their hair. And the mother has gradually learned her own ability to cut hair for the baby. Today, we mainly come to understand how to use baby hair clippers?

1. Shave the entire hair: Install an appropriate comb (3mm-6mm, 9mm-12mm) according to the needs, hold the bottom of the comb close to the scalp, push it from the four sides to the top of the head, and repeat the shaving, evenly, alternately push and shave, leaving Residual hair.

2. Hair trim after trimming: When using a 12mm comb, use a 9mm comb after trimming the hair; when using a 6mm comb, use a 3mm comb after trimming the hair.

3. Ear trimming hair: Remove the comb, gently touch the tip of the blade to the skin, and slowly push it in the direction of the arrow. Hold the ear with your hands, it is easy to push and shave, the ends of the blade are curved, and it is safe to use.

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